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    We have a great family of faculty, staff and students who take pride in our commitment to cause positive change in the world. From the classroom to the field, we work to develop systems that provide society’s most basic needs in a sustainable way.

    Crop production, biotechnology, natural resources conservation and biofuels are just a few of the critical areas of agriculture where we have strong programs in teaching, research and extension. Our extension programs result in informed clients and opportunities for economic development in the state, region, nation and world.
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    Where Do You See Yourself?

    Some potential career paths with a degree from our department include: agronomic sales representative, crop consultant, environmental consultant, environmental scientist, extension specialist, humanitarian agricultural assistance, marketing manager, plant breeder, precision agriculture specialist, soil conservation technician and soil survey specialist.

    About Plant & Soil Sciences

    We develop lifelong learners who understand science, think analytically, find creative solutions, treat others with honesty and respect, and are prepared to lead, serve and provide decision makers with timely information regarding plant and soil systems. We conduct cutting-edge fundamental and applied disciplinary and multidisciplinary research with the active participation of undergraduate and graduate students, landowners, and decision makers.

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    Our goal is to meet society’s need for food, feed, fiber and fuel through the conservation and management of plant and soil resources. Students work alongside faculty who contribute to biotechnology, crop production, environmental remediation, plant breeding and genetics, plant physiology, soil chemistry, soil nutrient management, soil physics, water quality and weed science.

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    If you want to be part of one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, help produce a stable and safe food supply or protect and utilize our nation’s greatest natural resource – soil – a degree in plant and soil sciences may be for you. As a plant and soil sciences student, you will experience field-based classes, numerous laboratory experiments, nontraditional classroom settings and hands-on learning.




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